Parabolic icon zooming for your KDE panel.

How to Translate KSmoothDock

The translation of KSmoothDock consists of two files: ksmoothdock.pot (template) and .po (the file with all strings translated), by example: en_US.po. All .po files and the ksmoothdock.pot must be placed in the ksmoothdock-X.XX.XX/po subdirectory.

All strings in ksmoothdock to be translated are in the .po files each string in this file is are key=value format, where for each msgid=value line you have a msgstr=value line with the translated version of msgid=value.

To start the translation you must make a copy of ksmoothdock.pot and rename this copy to .po, after this step you can open ksmoothdock project on kdevelop or, with any text editor, open the .po file and translate all strings into msgid line to msgstr line.

If you have finish the translation, you must open kdevelop now and then click on Build->Create Messages & Merge to add your .po file to script.

Now you can compile ksmoothdock and test your translated version of this amazing Kicker replacement!